International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry



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Issue 2/2011     29. Apr. 2011
Page 113, PubMed:21634218
Editorial: New Materials Complement Classic Treatment Methods
De Paoli, Sergio / Fugazotto, Paul
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 115-123, PubMed:21491010
Biologic Restoration: The Effects of Composite Inlays on Patient Treatment Plans
Bottacchiari, Stefano / De Paoli, Sergio / Fugazzotto, Paul A.
Page 125-131, PubMed:21491011
Thickness of the Anterior Maxillary Facial Bone Wall - A Retrospective Radiographic Study Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Braut, Vedrana / Bornstein, Michael M. / Belser, Urs / Buser, Daniel
Page 133-139, PubMed:21491012
Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft for Treatment of Gingival Recessions With and Without Enamel Matrix Derivative: A Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Rasperini, Giulio / Roccuzzo, Mario / Francetti, Luca / Acunzo, Raffaele / Consonni, Dario / Silvestri, Maurizio
Page 141-147, PubMed:21491013
Screw Spreading: Technical Considerations and Case Report
Nishioka, Renato Sussumu / Kojima, Alberto Noriyuki
Page 157-163, PubMed:21491015
Pilot Clinical and Histologic Evaluations of a Two-Piece Zirconia Implant
Nevins, Myron / Camelo, Marcelo / Nevins, Marc L. / Schupbach, Peter / Kim, David M.
Page 165-173, PubMed:21491016
Treatment of Gingival Recession in the Anterior Mandible Using the Tunnel Technique and a Combination Epithelialized-Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft - A Case Series
Stimmelmayr, Michael / Allen, Edward P. / Gernet, Wolfgang / Edelhoff, Daniel / Beuer, Florian / Schlee, Markus / Iglhaut, Gerhard
Page 185-193, PubMed:21491018
Reconstruction of Esthetics with a Digital Approach
Beuer, Florian / Schweiger, Josef / Edelhoff, Daniel / Sorensen, John A.