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International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry



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Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent - Pre-print articles
33 articles found

Page 1-7, 2018-06-05, PubMed:29677223
A 4-Year Retrospective Radiographic Study of Marginal Bone Loss of 156 Titanium Implants Placed with Ultrasonic Site Preparation
Schierano, Gianmario / Vercellotti, Tomaso / Modica, Fabio / Corrias, Giorgia / Russo, Crescenzo / Cavagnetto, Davide / Baldi, Domenico / Romano, Federica / Carossa, Stefano
Page 1-6, 2018-06-05, PubMed:29677224
Dental Shade Guide Variability for Hues B, C, and D Using Cross-Polarized Photography
Sampaio, Camila S. / Gurrea, Jon / Gurrea, Marta / Bruguera, August / Atria, Pablo J. / Janal, Malvin / Bonfante, Estevam A. / Coelho, Paulo G. / Hirata, Ronaldo
Page 1-9, 2018-06-05, PubMed:29677226
Clinical Outcomes of Bicortical Engagement Implants in Atrophic Posterior Maxillae: A Retrospective Study with 1 to 5 Years Follow-up
Ng, Piklam / Hu, Xiucheng / Wan, Shuangquan / Mo, Hui / Deng, Feilong
Page 1-9, 2018-06-05, PubMed:29677227
Impact of Soft Tissue Grafts to Reduce Peri-implant Alterations After Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization in Compromised Sockets
Frizzera, Fausto / de Freitas, Rubens Moreno / Muñoz-Chávez, Oscar Fernando / Cabral, Guilherme / Shibli, Jamil Awad / Marcantonio, Elcio Jr
Page 1-9, 2018-06-05, PubMed:29677228
Decontamination of Customized Laser-Microtextured Titanium Abutments: A Comparative in Vitro Study of Different Cleaning Procedures
Farronato, Davide / Fumagalli, Davide / Asa'ad, Farah / Rasperini, Giulio
Page 1-7, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513769
Cortical Bone Repositioning Technique for Horizontal Alveolar Bone Augmentation: A Case Series
Yamauchi, Kensuke / Nogami, Shinnosuke / Kataoka, Yoshihiro / Koyama, Shigeto / Lethaus, Bernd / Takahashi, Tetsu
Page 1-9, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513770
Marginal Adaptation and Fracture Resistance of Lithium Disilicate Laminate Veneers on Teeth with Different Preparation Depths
Tuğcu, Erhan / Vanlıoğlu, Burçin / Özkan, Yasemin Kulak / Aslan, Yilmat Umut
Page 1-8, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513771
Lip Repositioning with Vestibular Shallowing Technique for Treatment of Excessive Gingival Display with Various Etiologies
Torabi, Alireza / Najafi, Babak / Drew, Howard J. / Cappetta, Emil G.
Page 1-6, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29451931
Nonsurgical Management of Peri-implant Bone Loss Induced by Residual Cement: Retrospective Analysis of Six Cases
De Martinis Terra, Emanuele / Berardini, Marco / Trisi, Paolo
Page 1-8, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513773
Guided Bone Regeneration in the Treatment of a Lateral Periodontal Cyst: 2-Year Clinical and Radiologic Follow-up
Sivolella, Stefano / Perin, Chiara / Capecchi, Marco / Buongiorno, Valerio / Valente, Marialuisa
Page 1-7, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29451930
The Effect of Implant Abutment Design on Long-Term Soft Tissue Stability: A Clinical Case Report
Otero, Nuria / Scarton, Javier / Pizzolante, Laura Lugo / Inglese, Stefano / Sclar, Anthony G. / Wong, Fong
Page 1-8, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29451928
A Novel Connective Tissue Graft Harvesting Technique: The Ring Method
Nizam, Nejat / Akcalı, Aliye
Page 1-6, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29590224
Effect of Biologic Aging of Implants on Osseointegration in the Dog
Hwang, Byung-Moon / Park, Yong Bum / Lee, Jae Hoon
Page 1-7, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29451926
Coronally Advanced Flap With or Without Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft for the Treatment of Single Recession: 5-Year Outcomes from a Comparative Study
Francetti, Luca / Weinstein, Roberto / Taschieri, Silvio / Corbella, Stefano
Page 1-8, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513774
Effectiveness of Enamel Matrix Derivative in Conjunction with Particulate Autologous Bone in the Treatment of Noncontained Intrabony Defects: A 2-Year Prospective Case Series
Ferrarotti, Francesco / Romano, Federica / Quirico, Andrea / Di Bella, Matteo / Pallotti, Sara / Aimetti, Mario
Page 1-8, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29590223
Clinical Guidelines for Implant Treatment in Patients with Down Syndrome
De Bruyn, Hugo / Glibert, Maarten / Matthijs, Liesbet / Filip, Martens / Christiaens, Véronique / Marks, Luc
Page 1-7, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513775
Osseoincorporation of Porous Tantalum Trabecular-Structured Metal: A Histologic and Histomorphometric Study in Humans
de Arriba, Celia Clemente / Alobera Gracia, Miguel Angel / Coelho, Paulo G. / Neiva, Rodrigo / Tarnow, Dennis P. / del Canto Pingarron, Mariano / Aguado-Henche, Soledad
Page 1-7, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513776
Tissue Remodeling in Immediate Versus Delayed Prosthetic Restoration in Fresh Socket Implants in the Esthetic Zone: Four-Year Follow-up
Crespi, Roberto / Capparé, Paolo / Crespi, Giovanni / Gastaldi, Giorgio / Romanos, Georgios E. / Gherlone, Enrico
Page 1-8, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513777
Influence of Polishing System on the Surface Roughness of Flowable and Regular-Viscosity Bulk Fill Composites
Rigo, Lindiane Cogo / Bordin, Dimorvan / Fardin, Vinicius Pavesi / Coelho, Paulo G. / Bromage, Timothy G. / Reis, Andre / Hirata, Ronaldo
Page 1-6, 2018-04-16, PubMed:29513778
Four Stable and Functioning Dental Implants Retrieved for Fracture After 14 and 17 Years from the Same Patient: A Histologic and Histomorphometric Report
Botticelli, Daniele / Perrotti, Vittoria / Piattelli, Adriano / Iezzi, Giovanna
Page 1-12, 2018-01-16, PubMed:28834532
Clinical Evidence of OsseoSpeed EV Implants: A Retrospective Study and Characterization of the Newly Introduced System
Toia, Marco / Galli, Silvia / Cecchinato, Denis / Wennerberg, Ann / Jimbo, Ryo
Page 1-6, 2018-01-16, PubMed:28196154
Enhancement of Immediate Implant Stability and Recovery Using Platelet-Rich Fibrin
Öncü, Elif / Erbeyoğlu, Ahmet Afşin
Page 1-6, 2018-01-16, PubMed:29244888
Evaluation of the Periodontal Status of Abutment Teeth in Removable Partial Dentures
Correia, André Ricardo Maia / da Silva Lobo, Fábio Daniel / Miranda, Mónica Célia Pereira / Framegas de Araújo, Filipe Miguel Soares / Santos Marques, Tiago Miguel
Page 1-7, 2018-01-16, PubMed:29244885
Effect of Fiber Post Cementation Timing on the Bond Strength of Resin Cements in Epoxy Resin-Obturated Canals
Berti, Luiza Salles Alves / Pereira, Leandro Augusto Pinto / Pecorari, Vanessa Galego Arias / Amaral, Flávia Lucisano Botelho / Turssi, Cecília Pedroso / Basting, Roberta Tarkany / França, Fabiana Mantovani Gomes
Page 1-7, 2018-01-16, PubMed:29077775
Internal Fit and Marginal Gap Evaluation of Zirconia Copings Using Microcomputed Tomography: An In Vitro Analysis
ArRejaie, Aws / Alalawi, Haidar / Al-Harbi, Fahad A. / Abualsaud, Reem / Al-Thobity, Ahmad M.