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Issue 3/2016     15. Apr. 2016
Page 307, doi:10.11607/prd.2016.3.e, PubMed:27563711
Editorial: Adopting Technology
Nevins, Marc L.
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Page 308-317, doi:10.11607/prd.2851, PubMed:27100800
Turned Implants in Vertical Augmented Bone: A Retrospective Study with 13 to 21 Years Follow-Up
Simion, Massimo / Ferrantino, Luca / Idotta, Eleonora / Zarone, Fernando
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Page 318-327, doi:10.11607/prd.2698, PubMed:27100801
Coronally Advanced Flap with Different Designs in the Treatment of Gingival Recession: A Comparative Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial
Zucchelli, Giovanni / Stefanini, M. / Ganz, S. / Mazzotti, Claudio / Mounssif, Ilham / Marzadori, Matteo
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Page 328-337, doi:10.11607/prd.2644, PubMed:27100802
Surgical Management of Significant Maxillary Anterior Vertical Ridge Defects
Urban, Istvan A. / Monje, Alberto / Nevins, Myron / Nevins, Marc L. / Lozada, Jamie L. / Wang, Hom-Lay
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Page 338-345, doi:10.11607/prd.2773, PubMed:27100803
Guidelines for Clinical Management of Laser-Etched (Laser-Lok) Abutments in Two Different Clinical Scenarios: A Preclinical Laboratory Soft Tissue Assessment Study
Neiva, Rodrigo / Tovar, Nick / Jimbo, Ryo / Gil, Luiz F. / Goldberg, Paula / Barbosa, Joao P. M. / Lilin, Thomas / Coelho, Paulo G.
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Page 346-354, doi:10.11607/prd.2428, PubMed:27100804
The Conometric Concept: Coupling Connection for Immediately Loaded Titanium-Reinforced Provisional Fixed Partial Dentures- A Case Series
Degidi, Marco / Nardi, Diego / Piattelli, Adriano
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Page 356-361, doi:10.11607/prd.2540, PubMed:27100805
Nasal Floor Elevation with Transcrestal Hydrodynamic Approach Combined with Dental Implant Placement: A Case Report
Sentineri, Rosario / Lombardi, Teresa / Celauro, Andrea / Stacchi, Claudio
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Page 362-371, doi:10.11607/prd.2759, PubMed:27100806
Videoscope-Assisted Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgery: One-Year Outcome and Patient Morbidity
Harrel, Stephen K. / Abraham, Celeste M. / Rivera-Hidalgo, Francisco / Shulman, Jay D. / Nunn, Martha E.
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Page 382-391, doi:10.11607/prd.2653, PubMed:27100808
Nonsurgical Treatment of Peri-implantitis Using the Biofilm Decontamination Approach: A Case Report Study
Pini-Prato, Giovanpaolo / Magnani, Cristina / Rotundo, Roberto
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Page 399-407, doi:10.11607/prd.2381, PubMed:27100810
Guidelines for Selecting the Implant Diameter During Immediate Implant Placement of a Fresh Extraction Socket: A Case Series
Rosa, Ariádene Cristina Pértile de Oliveira / Rosa, José Carlos Martins da / Pereira, Luís Antônio Violin Dias / Francischone, Carlos Eduardo / Sotto-Maior, Bruno Salles
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Page 408-415, doi:10.11607/prd.2249, PubMed:27100811
Clinical Considerations on the Root Coverage of Gingival Recessions in Thin or Thick Biotype
Kahn, Sergio / Almeida, Renato Alves da Rocha / Dias, Alexandra Tavares / Rodrigues, Walmir Júnior de Pinho Reis / Barceleiro, Marcos Oliveira / Taba jr., Mario
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Page 416-423, doi:10.11607/prd.2651, PubMed:27100812
The Pontic-Shield: Partial Extraction Therapy for Ridge Preservation and Pontic Site Development
Gluckman, Howard / Du Toit, Jonathan / Salama, Maurice
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Page 424-430, doi:10.11607/prd.2405, PubMed:27100813
Influence of Thermo-Light Curing with Dental Light-Curing Units on the Microhardness of Glass-Ionomer Cements
Gavic, Lidia / Gorseta, Kristina / Borzabadi-Farahani, Ali / Tadin, Antonija / Glavina, Domagoj / van Duinen, Raymond N. / Lynch, Edward
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Page 431-436, doi:10.11607/prd.2209, PubMed:27100814
Dimensional Changes in Alveolar Ridge Following Extraction of Teeth in the Maxillary Premolar Area in Subjects with Thick and Thin Gingival Biotypes: A Pilot Study
Abdelhafez, Reem S. / Alhabashneh, Rola / Khader, Yousef / Hijazi, Mohammed / Jarah, Mohammed
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Online Article, Page 49-58, doi:10.11607/prd.2351, PubMed:27100815
Online Article: Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Stress Distribution at the Internal Implant-Abutment Connection
Cho, Sung-Yong / Huh, Yoon-Hyuk / Park, Chan-Jin / Cho, Lee-Ra
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