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Issue 5/2020     22. Sep. 2020
Page 631-632
Editorial: Natural History of a Surgical Technique: 20 Years of Envelope Coronally Advanced Flap
Stefanini, Martina / Aroca, Sofia / Nevins, Myron
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Page 645-654, doi:10.11607/prd.4764, PubMed:32925992
Evaluation of Recombinant Human Platelet-Derived Growth Factor or Enamel Matrix Derivative Plus Calcium Hydroxide for Pulp Capping: A Randomized Controlled Human Clinical Trial
Al-Hezaimi, Khalid / Naghshbandi, Jafar / Alhuzaimi, Raed / Alonaizan, Faisal / AlQwizany, Ibrahim / Rotstein, Ilan
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Page 657-664, doi:10.11607/prd.4982, PubMed:32925994
Human Histologic Evaluations of Implants with a Unique Triangular Neck Design
Nevins, Myron / Benfenati, Stefano Parma / Galletti, Primo / Sava, Cosmin / Sava, Catalin / Trifan, Mihaela / Muñoz, Fernando / Chen, Chia-Yu / Kim, David M.
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Page 667-676, doi:10.11607/prd.4789, PubMed:32925996
Orthodontic Extrusion: Guidelines for Contemporary Clinical Practice
González-Martín, Oscar / Solano-Hernandez, Belen / Torres, Ana / González-Martín, Saul / Avila-Ortiz, Gustavo
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Page 677-683, doi:10.11607/prd.4670, PubMed:32925997
Archaea Occurrence in the Subgingival Biofilm in Patients with Peri-implantitis and Periodontitis
Aleksandrowicz, Paweł / Brzezińska-Błaszczyk, Ewa / Dudko, Anna / Agier, Justyna
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Page 685-692, doi:10.11607/prd.4522, PubMed:32925998
Guided Bone Regeneration with Nonresorbable Membranes in the Rehabilitation of Partially Edentulous Atrophic Arches: A Retrospective Study on 122 Implants with a 3- to 7-Year Follow-up
Pistilli, Roberto / Simion, Massimo / Barausse, Carlo / Gasparro, Roberta / Pistilli, Valeria / Bellini, Pierantonio / Felice, Pietro
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Page 693-e705, doi:10.11607/prd.4850, PubMed:32925999
Outcome of Different Surgical Approaches in the Treatment of Class II Furcation Defects in Mandibular Molars: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Bevilacqua, Lorenzo / Fonzar, Alberto / Olivier, Stefania / De Biasi, Matteo / Visintin, Matteo / Angerame, Daniele / Maglione, Michele
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Page 703-709, doi:10.11607/prd.4645, PubMed:32926000
Predictability in Lip Repositioning with Botulinum Toxin for Gummy Smile Treatment: A 3-Year Follow-up Case Series
Vergara-Buenaventura, Andrea / Mayta-Tovalino, Frank / Correa, Albert / Breen, Erin / Mendoza-Azpur, Gerardo
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Page 711-e721, doi:10.11607/prd.4408, PubMed:32926001
Implant Rehabilitation According to the Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique (BOPT): A Medium-Term Retrospective Study
Galli, Fabio / Deflorian, Matteo / Parenti, Andrea / Testori, Tiziano / Del Fabbro, Massimo
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Page 721-729, doi:10.11607/prd.4807, PubMed:32926002
Guided Implant Placement in Fully Edentulous Patients. The Full Retraction Protocol: Registration Technique to Improve Treatment Outcome
Chackartchi, Tali / Neeman, Tal / Zabrovsky, Asher
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Page 731-739, doi:10.11607/prd.4411R, PubMed:32926003
Evaluation of Peri-implant Tissue Stability and Patient Satisfaction After Immediate Implant Placement in the Esthetic Area: A 3-Year Follow-up of an Ongoing Prospective Study
Barroso-Panella, Albert / Ortiz-Puigpelat, Octavi / Altuna-Fistolera, Pablo / Lucas-Taulé, Ernest / Hernández-Alfaro, Federico / Gargallo-Albiol, Jordi
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Page 741-747, doi:10.11607/prd.4544, PubMed:32926004
Buccal Sliding Palatal Pedicle Flap Technique for Wound Closure After Ridge Augmentation
Pohl, Snježana / Salama, Maurice / Petrakakis, Pantelis
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Page 749-e758, doi:10.11607/prd.4566, PubMed:32926005
Effectiveness of Human Placental Allograft for Root Coverage: A 5-Year Case Series on Clinical and Esthetic Outcomes
Aimetti, Mario / Benfenati, Stefano Parma / De Angelis, Nicola / Romano, Federica / Pallotti, Sara / Kim, David M. / Nevins, Myron
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Page 757-764
Crestal Window Sinus Elevation and Its Long-Term Clinical Outcomes
Soardi, Carlo M. / Soardi, Barbara / Wang, Hom-Lay
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Page 767-774, doi:10.11607/prd.4299, PubMed:32926007
A Prospective Study Comparing the Effect of L-PRF and Porous Titanium Granules on the Preservation of the Buccal Bone Plate Following Immediate Implant Placement
Gkikas, Georgios / McLaughlin, Mark / Renvert, Stefan / Polyzois, Ioannis
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Online Article, Page e189-e196, doi:10.11607/prd.4604, PubMed:32925993
Online Article: Ten-Year Results of a Prospective Cohort Study on Acid-Etched and Airborne Particle–Abraded Implant Surfaces: A Comparative Study
De Angelis, Nicola / Kassim, Zethy H. / Baharuddin, Izyan H. / Parker, Steven / Colombo, Esteban / Amaroli, Andrea / Signore, Antonio
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Online Article, Page e197-e204, doi:10.11607/prd.4585, PubMed:32925995
Online Article: Decision Process in Treatment of Reduced Periodontium: A Case Report
Mathur, Rohit / Wessel, David / Nahon, Max / Torres, Michelle / Balshi, Thomas J.
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Online Article, Page e205-e209, doi:10.11607/prd.4641, PubMed:32926006
Online Article: Periodontal Pocket: An Ecologic Niche Promoting the Germination of a Plant Seed
Pini-Prato, Giovanpaolo / Perrini, Nicola / Tardelli, Marcello
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Online Article, Page 775
Online Article: Erratum
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